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"Qua Patet Orbis (As Far As The World Extends)."
Motto of the Netherlands Royal Marines

The Dutch military is composed of the Navy, the Army, the Air Force, and the Korps Mariniers. Its military tradition started back during its war of independence (also called The Eighty Years' War) against Spain between 1568 and 1648, making this the longest standing military on Earth. After they had won Dutch ships would rule the waves for more then half of a century.

The Dutch revolt

The northern and southern Netherlands (modern day The Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxemburg) were ruled by the catholic Spanish.

Its military in Europe was defeated by the Germans in World War II. The largest army the Dutch had, the Royal Dutch East Army, was also curbstomped by the Japanese in Indonesia, despite out numbering the Japanese army sent to fight them almost two to one. Over 60,000 Dutch soldiers were imprisoned by the Japanese following their capture of Indonesia; of these, 15,000 were executed or worked to death. In the following occupation of Indonesia, many of the soldiers who had deserted became resistance fighters.

Today, the Dutch military is a NATO member and has troops in Afghanistan. It also joined the Multinational Coalition in Iraq, and sent troops there. As a member of NATO, the Dutch military also took part in the interventions in Bosnia, Kosovo, and Libya.

Other notes:

The Dutch Military in Fiction & Media:

  • The Dutch I Corps (part of the NATO Northern Army Group) shows up as the initial opponent of General Trimenko's 2nd Tank Army in Red Army.
  • Version 1.2 of Project Reality added the Dutch Army as a playable faction.
  • The Dutch Air Force appears in the 1940 campaign of Luftwaffe Commander. You even get those nice black-and-gold triangles painted on your rudder when you shoot down one of their planes.
  • The Dutch fleet in Victory in the Pacific has exactly 1 ship counter, the De Ruyter, and it's one of the weakest ships in the game - consequently, it's known to be one of the luckiest ships as well.
  • Rise of Nations: The Dutch are a playable faction in the Thrones & Patriots Expansion Pack.
  • Michiel de Ruyter shows several of the Dutch Republic's naval combats with the English Royal Navy.
  • In the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fanfic Chrysalis Visits The Hague, The Marechaussee are featured securing the Queen's transports and guarding the area around the International Criminal Court and prison in The Hague. Also, warden Mjoberg is a former Dutch Army Cavalry Officer, leading to some brief awkwardness with fellow Captain Shining Armor (a unicorn pony).
  • Batalha dos Guararapes features the Dutch invasions of Brazil with the Dutch East Indies Company being the main antagonists against the rebels.
  • The 2020 Dutch TV series Hoorvliegers (trans: "High Flyers") follows three young people as they enter the Dutch Air Force from training to deployment.
  • Are an available faction in the Tabletop Wargame Team Yankee. The are comparable to West Germany in being built around tough but expensive vehicles (they are the only two factions with access to Leopard 2's, for example). Their main point of divergence is that The Netherlands prefers to make mechanised infantry the bulk of their forces, and get the YPR-765 as a unique unit, one of the best transport units in the game.
  • Dutch navy is an avilable faction in World of Warships. True to the page's name, their first ship was a destroyer, although their first researchable line is a cruiser one.