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Useful Notes / Bonaire

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One of the ABC Islands in the Caribbean near Venezuela, though not a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands unlike the other two, Bonaire (Papiamento: Boneiru) is a special municipality/public body of the Netherlands. They use the US Dollar as their currency unlike the other two ABC Islands who use the Aruban florin and Netherlands Antillean guilder respectively, and the capital and largest city of the territory is Kralendijk.

One of the things Bonaire is most known for is its wildlife, with the flamingo sanctuary in the Pekelmeer in the southern part of the island being one of the only four nesting grounds for the Caribbean flamingo, a donkey sanctuary also being located on the island, and four species of sea turtle existing on the island. It is also known as a diving paradise, being one of the world's best shore diving destinations with ecotourism and scuba diving being a large part of the territory's economy, and like Aruba and Curaçao, it is outside Hurricane Alley and has an arid environment with generally warm, sunny weather, making it popular for tourism.

The Bonaire flag
This flag consists of a large blue triangle in the lower right corner and a smaller yellow triangle in the upper left corner separated by a white strip, inside of which are a black compass and a red six-pointed star. The blue and yellow triangles represent the sea and sun respectively while the dividing white strip represents the sky, and the black compass represents the population of Bonaire who come from the four corners of the world. The colors red, white and blue also show Bonaire's loyalty to the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

  • Capital and largest city: Kralendijk
  • Population: 20,104
  • Area: 288 km² (111 sq mi)
  • Currency: United States dollar ($) (USD)
  • ISO-3166-1 Code: BQ
  • Country calling code: 599