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A relatively composed individual who relishes in his spontaneity despite what his handle might imply- i.e., an insane person who goes about doing things subtly (though there is ''some'' truth to it). A self-admitted perfectionist, masochist, and tactician (of Chess and Shōgi), he enjoys fencing, writing stories, proofreading others' works, math, physics, logic, and a good challenge. His only gripe is seeing a concentration of English language-related fallacies concentrated in a single chunk of text, in which case his sharp-tongued proofreading side erupts to exact justice. An avid fan of reading, he is pursuing as many languages as he can in order to expand his horizons and develop his own novel series. His spontaneity stems from his desire to make his stories appear credible through many, many experiences.


On June 18, 2005, he stumbled upon on a whim, created his eponymous handle there, and began his hobby as a fanfiction writer. He started with his then-favorite game series, Fire Emblem, before dabbling in series from other media; however, the pace in which he creates and updates works is horribly inconsistent.

For a time, he used to proofread fan translations in the A Certain Magical Index franchise (specifically the early volumes of both the first series light novels and the Railgun manga) under the alias "Tact". Nowadays he's "wandering in the ether"; time will tell if he reemerges.

Works currently in progress:

None (Insanity slumbers for a good while yet.)

Indefinite hiatus:

    Fire Emblem 
The Furtive, Fragile Fiddler
  • Pairing(s): Tactician + (note the "+" and not the "/"): Lyn, Florina, Serra, Ninian, Rebecca, Priscilla, Fiora, Isadora, Louise, Farina, Nino, Vaida, Karla, Elimine, Hanon
  • Synopsis: As a soul who has wandered aimlessly through Elibe since the Scouring, the tactician heals the hearts of females through his unique uplifting music, trying to remember his reason for doing so. Takes place in four settings: when he's traveling with the chapter's female, when she first heard his tune, when she finds him playing it on his fiddle, and after he sees her leave his presence. Every female in the army, plus two of the Eight Legends, has a chapter devoted to them; the final chapter is focused on the tactician himself.
  • Comments: An affectionate parody of Male Tactician/Female stories, the "Romance" genre it's primarily labeled under is actually alluding to his yearning for his lost love, the tune he plays, and the story itself: a tale of fanciful appeal and questionable credibility.
  • Synopsis: When commanding an army, establishing trust with its members is critical to both your success in missions and your future prospects. Seen through the eyes of a military advisor serving under the most renowned organization, some secrets of Elibe begin to unravel... Planned to take place before, during, and after Blazing Sword and Sword of Seals.
  • Comments: Originally meant as a picture prompt foundation for him to flesh out the personalities of the canon Elibean characters, this story soon became the spearhead of his three-view epic, using said characters' interactions with "Mark" as leads. Though its primary genre is "General", its secondary genre of "Friendship" has a great deal of significance in this tale.

Completed works:

    A.I. Love You 
  • Synopsis: When you realize that the power outage and loss of data you experienced earlier had come from a virus you had made, and it had also happened to affect the entire world, what primary emotion do you feel? Takes place during the Zero Arc, after the Spider Virus incident becomes breaking news.
  • Comments: This drabble stemmed from a night of boredom, in which he wondered about the repercussions of energy-deprived hospitals. Only when he read the end-of-volume author's notes did he realize that this was an up-in-the-air AU, as Billy-G created the virus not out of boredom but for recognition as a hacker.

    Fire Emblem 
  • Synopsis: When trouble begins to take its toll on the tactician, he turns to the touch of flowing water in order to quell his soul. Takes place at specific intervals in Blazing Sword.
  • Comments: A short quip on the importance of relaxation, the inspiration for this piece stemmed from the author taking a thirty-minute-long shower.
  • Synopsis: The game was over. The tactician had ended up with his back to the wall. Resistance was futile. Takes place any time after Etrurian Mage General Pent encounters the heroic band of freelancers.
  • Comments: This drabble (which was supposed to have exactly 100 words) stemmed from him losing a game of chess. Misdirection can be oh-so-fun.
Envenomed Tongue
  • Synopsis: Why maintain an ideal when fibbing is more enjoyable? A quip on why the tactician's lack of "self" had given way to numerous variations.
  • Comments: Inspired by the crazy influx of tactician stories at the time, this gem was meant to serve as both an antithesis to the many versions of Mark and a warning against any more clutter.
The Fleeting Age of Tacticians
  • Synopsis: A brief poetry piece on the actions of canon military advisors in the series.
  • Comments: The inspiration came from a passing thought about the main heroes "stealing" most of the spotlight.

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