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A sporking agent from the Realm of Literacy. Zelda Queen has made it her life's mission to use her Spork of Justice to track down and rip bad literature - both fanfiction and canon - to shreds. When she requires assistance with sporking, she will occasionally call upon Link, Midna, Majora, Zant, Ganondorf, Vaati, Lita, and Alex. for aide. She has also temporarily called on the crew of Serenity to assist with the sporking of one of Allecto's horrible essays. Zelda Queen is currently in negotiations to have Leah Clearwater and Zyn rescued from their respective canons and become M.A.R.Y.S.U.E. sporkers as well. In addition to the Realm, Zelda Queen also sporks for the community, Das Sporking.


When not immersed in the Realm, Zelda Queen is a resident of Pittsburgh. She attends the University of Pittsburgh and is on her way to majoring in English Writing. She enjoys working on fantasy and fairy tale-based novels.

She is a major fan of That Guy With The Glasses, particularly the Nostalgia Critic. It is a minor dream to one day be a contributor to the site.

In her spare time, Zelda Queen was on a mad search for Legends & Myths, a game from 1995 that she played the demo for, on a disk from the magazine CD-ROM Today. In March of 2012, she finally located it.

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