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Xplayer1, also known by aliases Qplayer, Xplayer, Xplayer007, Qwaiiplayer, and Jinora Jesus (for a brief period of time in 2014) is a civil engineer from Western New York (the region in the state, not the city you're thinking of). He is most notable on the internet for being the captain of low level Team Fortress 2 teams, being an ArchKnight on the Battleon Forums, and making a few videos on his YouTube channel. He also was involved in the production on the The New Abridged Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Currently Xplayer1 spends most of his time playing multiplayer games such as Dota 2, Hearthstone, Magic: The Gathering and Team Fortress 2, while occasionally reviewing movies and anime. More on the Compassionate Critic end of the Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism


Don't ask him to play Highlander or CS:GO.


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