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Kind of a Deadpan Snarker Mario. Finding this wiki was like coming home for this new troper, as he's always been the one saying, "Hey, you ever notice how..." He generally enjoys fiction in all its forms, regardless of medium and genre, and is quick to forgive a work for nearly any mistake. He enjoyed the Star Wars prequels. He even had trouble finding bad things to say about Spider-Man 3. He also has virtually no Nostalgia Filter and feels that, for the most part, creators tend to either improve or just change styles with experience; he may have a soft spot for anything from The '90s, but he tends to like new things better than old.


He has severe congenital writer's block (inherited from his late mother, whose lifetime of endless creativity only ever produced one unpublished children's book), but if he could just get off his ass and start working, he could put together several novels, a few short stories, two comic books, and a dozen video games just from what's in his head now.

He was reading sheet music before he could read English, and over the years has played the piano, keyboard, saxophone (alto, tenor, and baritone), clarinet, and guitar (mainly classical and acoustic), but has recently focused on drums and just discovered he has a decent singing voice.

He is an avid gamer, of the dying breed that prefer single-player. He has a home-built gaming PC and mostly uses Steam (Steam ID: "Vitriholic [25B]"). Does not own a console.


He lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with his four cats: Wyatt, Mungo, Natalie, and Goblin.

A few of Vitriholic's favorite...

Obligatory Vandalism Section:


  • Vitriholic sux lol (signed Vit's Evil Twin)
  • The current music track has been consumed with soap. Please defenestrate the toothbrush of the potato properly. —jcruznote 

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