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Er, um...long time reader, first time profile writer-upper, occasional minor contributor. Let's see...

Fanfic author, hoping to be a full-on writer, and a flight simulator enthusiast. These interests often converge, and sometimes even with good results.

I wrote the original recommendation (when all the fanfic recommendations were one one page, dadgummit) for Of Mice And Mayhem.

This Troper provides examples of:


  • Badass Beard (Possibly Beard of Sorrow or Beard of Evil, depending on my mood)
  • Not Good with People
  • Shown Their Work (Not always perfect, but I always feel that adding the even the little details to something helps enrich the setting, adds verisimilitude, and overall adds to a more unique and interesting work. Also I have OCD. That probably explains it more.)
  • They Called Me Mad! (Oh, sure, they SAY they want more realistic flight sim operations, but build five dozen accurately modeled simulated nuclear weapons from a dozen countries, and suddenly I'M the crazy one!)
  • Wiki Walk (It's a pain that never ends)


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