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Pretentious Sky Cat is a strange girl.

Her best friend is a male stuffed cat named Zhen. She likes walking in circles. It helps her think. She’s not sure if she has depression or bipolar disorder, because the psychiatrist never called her back. She doesn’t like cell phones. She talks to herself. She reads more than she socializes. Not that that means that’s she’s shy, though she can be at times. She’s more antisocial, really. Well, it isn’t her fault that most people bore her. Are you boring? Don’t answer that.

She is also a debater. She isn’t any good, but, fortunately, she isn’t horrendously bad. She’s grateful to her coach for that. She also thinks that debating has improved her writing, to her joy. Debating has so influenced her that she chose her first college choice primarily because of the quality of their debating team.

Pretentious Sky Cat will be graduating from high school in less than two months. She still doesn’t know how she feels about that. Though she is excited to go to college.

These are only a few things about Pretentious Sky Cat. Talk to her if you want to know more.

     The Cat Likes These 
     Go on. Vandalize. 

  • No vandals? Seriously? Don't worry, I shall correct this fault. I think your name is awesome, by the way - SR 3 NORMANDY
    • *blushes* Thank you, your name's cool too.
  • Wow. This is really odd. There's almost no vandals here! D: - S Bane N
    • I know, right?
  • The sky is silvery as the rain falls. The town is silent, which is unusual at this time of year. Gansbaai is... too silent... - S Bane N being his random self again
    • In contrast to where I live, which is all too chaotic for this time of the year. I can tolerate chaos, just not during the holidays.
  • From a cat to a cat, with love. - Nine-Tailed Cat
    • Likewise.
  • Yay, a cat, i love cats! Tomodachi
    • *purr*
  • Kitty, being a college-goer, I must say college is likely going to be a blast. NES
    • Looking forward to it then!
  • I really do hope you like JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis. ~Rockonman
    • Who doesn't? :P
  • It is I,SS aka King Omega. You have nothing to fear. All hail Yggdrasil Omega!-Xiphos Orochi 666
    • All honor and praise to thee.
  • I do wonder what works you like overall. NES
    • I really don't think I can fit it all in this one page.
      • You know what? Screw that. *adding it in*
  • I remember you calling me awesome. Which means you must be pretty awesome as well. :D -The Mike
    • I reiterate my compliment. :3
  • Hello there! WE ARE NOW BROS. HOLLA. Inhopelessguy
    • HOLLA MI AGO! QUE PASA? Wait. I'm not spanish.
  • Long time no vandalism. How are you? I'd insert something random but I'm too lazy right now, for some reason. - S Bane N
    • Currently brain dead. And overworked. And stressed out. And tired. But mostly brain dead.
  • Hi? uh, yeah. Hope this one here can get to know you better. -Passerby
    • Don't hope, just do.
  • Hi there, I don't think I've seen you around before. Nice to meet 'cha! -Moonflower2
    • Hi, would you want to go conquer the world with me? Chatting's fine too.
  • Maayong gabi-i, PSC, from the Cebuano in San Juan. - redrosary
    • "Dili ko maayo mag-bisaya, so good night to you too," from the Iliganon.
      • If it's any consolation to you, I could barely understand Hiligaynon. (Did I get it right?)
  • Wapow! Drills and vandalism for everyone! - Phoenixor
  • Here's the cupcake of misery. Enjoy. ~ Jin
  • HEY. YOU. EEEVUHL SKY CAT. WHERE IS MAH CARROT. ~ Great Almighty Dictator
  • -scribble scribble scribble- There we go. :3 —Esky