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Doctor Nemesis is either:

(a) A shadowy and dark techno-vigilante operating by cover of the night, delivering justice to the streets and a challenge to the forces of crime and darkness - all who prey on the innocent will learn to fear his name and all he stands for;

(b) An evil genius preparing to crush the world under his eternal grip of iron - soon, all will worship his boundless intelligence and tremble before the awesome might of... Doctor Nemesis!;


(c) A postgraduate student and would-be novelist who reads a few too many comic books and spends a few too many hours he probably should be doing something such as studying or writing novels making edits to various entries on this wiki, and who, judging by the first two options, indulges in more pop culture than is perhaps healthy.

I'll let you decide which is the most likely.

Launched / Provided the first edit for:
Favourite Flavours of Yoghurt:
  • Lemon
  • Apple Crumble.
  • Berry Bliss. Yum yum.