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Under construction.

  • AntiHero: A mix of Classical AntiHero and Knight In Sour Armor with some elements of Byronic Hero thrown in for good measure. Unsure which category I fit the most.
  • Anti-Nihilist: A bizarre religious variation of this.
  • Big Eater: I love food. Deconstructed as currently I'm overweight because of this. Hoping to reconstruct this.
  • Celibate Hero: Zig-zagged example and deconstruction. Sure I'm single and very cool about it (in the past I've been smug about it), however, this stance came about because of a long, painful process that ultimately taught me this.
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  • Cheshire Cat Grin and Slasher Smile: Frequently practice both of these expressions quite a bit. I have also gotten pretty good at both in my opinion...especially the latter.
  • Chivalrous Pervert: I don't believe in chivalry per se (it's dead after all) however, while quite interested in women (mostly just looking at naughty pictures, preferably the drawn kind) and sexy imagery, I am however quite respectful of women and tend to see them as human beings.
  • Guile Hero
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: While quite pleasant, I'm generally this, more often than not more of a "Heart of Gold with Jerk traits."
  • Pay Evil unto Evil: I really enjoy it when this happens.
  • Real Men eat Meat: And proud of it too, I really love eating meat. Especially bacon and beef.
  • Real men love Jesus: Religious, however my religious views aren't those of your average Christian at all. In fact I don't like being called Christian at all, mostly due to how I've seen plenty of Christians who're complete morons. I'm not saying all Christians are idiots, but there's enough that are that I'm reluctant to call myself one for that specific reason.
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  • Sex Is Interesting: I really do find it quite interesting, and arousing, despite the fact I know I'll never get any.
  • Taking a level in badass: Really, really hoping to pull this off. To some degree I've been able to do this already, albeit on a mental and emotional level.
  • Trademark Favorite Food: Pizza, Cheeseburgers and soda. ESPECIALLY the last one.
  • Übermensch: I see becoming this as an ideal to strive for.

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