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my tropes: incredibly lame pun. justified in that it's really hard to find a good unique username. – chaotic good. it's the only way to be; everyone else is on my to hit list. – good is not nice. and don't you fucking forget that, retards. – weak but skilled. hopefully – berserk button. unfortunately – attention deficit ooh shiny. once diagnosed but retracted. i just ocassionally have these, uhm...wait, i was trying to explain something, weren't i? – the snark knight. except male. especially everything related, including: deadpan snarker. wether you think it's funny, useful or irritating, you'll know me for it. informed loner. fuck yeah. intelligence equals isolation. and arrogance, too. eating lunch alone. always did, always do. only sane man. or at least, the only one TRYING. fourth wall observer. yeah right. (yes really) know nothing know it all. heh. cloudcuckoolander. by popular opinion only. more might be added later.


also, rule of cautious editing. ignored!


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