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Describe Cue here. So be it.

Cue is a rather bleak individual. It has often been said that he is an old man trapped in a twenty-something's body and he certainly has the personality to match.

Cue is a rather infrequent contributor. He mostly spends his time clicking the random item button, sorting examples, fixing red links, and correcting typos. He occasionally adds examples to pages if he feels like it, but then his acerbic personality tends to show through.


Some might say Cue's bark is worse than his bite. Cue suggests that these people become aerially involved with rolling ducks.

And yes, Cue wrote this page. One may infer, if they wished, that Cue is full of crap.

Seriously, though, I'm easy enough to get along with, sometimes too easy. I usually only act negative if I think it can provide humor in some way.


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