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Catheri is a shy troper who has yet to post on the forums, has to gather up courage to simply post reviews, and is in the process of learning how to not give a fuck. She also loves to read and write, but most of her stories meet the recycling bin before getting posted.

Tropes Applying to Catheri:

  • Cloud Cuckoo Lander: Don't even bother trying to understand this girl's thought process
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  • Dojikko: Poor girl trips up steps, bumps into people, and drops more stuff than you can count, but it's not always cute
  • Dumb Blonde: People have a tendency to think she is one of these when they first meet her
  • Genius Ditz: Despite being scattered-brained and stuck in the clouds, she manages to keep good grades in advanced classes and be overall intelligent
  • Huge School Girl: As a senior in high school, she stands around 5'9
  • Ill Girl: Was this when she was little
  • Lazy Bum: For one, she keeps putting off on actually editing this god-forsaken page sometimes.
  • Plucky Girl: Girl has a borderline abusive father, over-controlling mother, and was constantly bullied in middle yet still keeps going
  • Shrinking Violet: But she loosens up a lot once she's used to you and then becomes a case of
  • Spirited Young Lady: Most notable when she's with her large, traditional family made up of the more stereotypical proper young ladies


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