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Polish girl born in 1991. Usually lurking, sometimes pops up here and there from time to time. Fairly new, and still noobish about scripts at TVT. Tends to misspell. Multilingual. Uses strange language.

Has vast knowledge, yet entirely made of spoilers. Mostly TVTropes spoilers. Interested in Anime and Manga, fantasy and RPGs. Draws and writes. Never finished a single video game (it being The World Ends With You, because Pokemon without full Poke Dex doesn't count!). Likes to watch others play.


Likes to talk with Tropes name's in Real Life. From many of those tropes which would apply to her, most notable ones are Morality Pet, Genki Girl and The Cutie. Some say that also The Messiah.

Going to write a book based on tropes. Really.

As a RPG Otaku she defines herself like this:

Statistics: Low Intelligence, high Charisma, quite a good Wisdom, no Constitution nor Strenght. Little Dexterity.
Skills: lousy Search Fu, good Cook Fu, high Puppy Eyes, fine Packing, Knowledge about Anything at insane levels, great Talk You To Death no jutsu and a good dose of Self-confidence, awesome Fanfiction Writing and Drawing. No Logic Sense or Maths Skills.
  • +9 Sacred Pen Wand of Banishment (blunt weapon, magical demage, 3d8 dmg each hit, magical);
  • d6 Onigiri Bombs (per throw) (throw weapon, blow demage, d6 dmg from blows per bomb);
  • +6 Flame of Purification (two-handed poi chain weapon, flame demage, d10 per hit, 2 hits in a row);
  • +10 'Pencil of DOOM (close range weapon, stab demage, 5d12 per attack, 25% chance to get poisoned per hit then d4 per turn from poisoning, 50% stunning, fragile [50% it breaks for each attack]) x3;
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  • +4 Zen Stone of Control' (accessory, gives immunity to sound-based attacks, rises sound-based attack power by 1 dice/level, adds 5/level to morale);
  • +6 Chopsticks (close range/throw weapon, stab demage, d4 per 3 levels with each hit; gives user poison immunity) x2;
  • +8 Holy Cross (amulet, +30% dmg done to undead monsters and Bad alignment, allows to turn undead 5 times a day);
  • +5 Kunai of Water (stab/throw weapon, d10 per hit, unlimited ammo, can't be used by anyone but Aque, as they change into water in anyone else's hands);
  • d6 +4 Shuriken (per throw) (throw weapon, d6 stab demage per hit, low accuracy, distracts opponent for a while);
  • +8 Garrote (long range weapon, cut demage, 3d12 demage per hit, hits once a second if trapped the opponent)

Things she likes (in no particular order):

Anime and Manga


Tabletop RPGs




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