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I'm not particularly active around here, but I keep linking to this page anyway, so I figured I might as well put something here so as to avoid the evil, evil red links.

I'm female, a long-time lurker, and the proud owner of a TV Tropes T-shirt. I'm an American with a degree in computer science who currently works as a programmer, although I do tend to get easily distracted by The Internet, TV Tropes, and Video Games.

Things I Like

I'm sure it's inevitable, so if you have anything you'd like to say/add/post/vandalize(?!)/whatever, post it below. Be forewarned that if it does not in some way related to Batman, it's likely to be removed. ;)

While no one can be as awesome as Batman, you are at least more awesome than most people. -NW There is a RedvBlue thread. You are not on the Rv B thread. It feels empty. -Sad Nate W.