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Trivia / You Don't Say!

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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Due to the wipe-and-reuse practices of the time, not a lot of episodes have survived.
    • KTLA: Nothing of the 1962-63 version is known to survive. A few color photos of the 1975 version exist.
    • NBC: A B&W kinescope of the fifth daytime episode and a handful of color episodes are known to exist. The January 14, 1964 episode of the primetime edition also survives in black-and-white.
    • ABC: Three episodes are known to exist, along with a clip used in NBC's Most Outrageous Game Show Moments specials.
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    • Syndication: Intact, but only three episodes are in circulation.
  • Screwed by the Network: Twice.
    • The original 1960s run ended because NBC wanted to revamp their daytime lineup.
    • ABC aired the '75 version at 4:00 PM Eastern. Many markets either didn't clear the show, or delayed it to the next morning. During at least the third-to-last week, Tom plugs a children's week that was to run from December 22-26, continuing the annual Christmas tradition from the 1960s version; this never happened, as the show was canned the day before Thanksgiving.
      • It seems the show was told they wouldn't get to do said children's week, as the last aired episode (taped October 31; the third-to-last week was shot on the 17th) has no such plug. It also has no indication that this was the last show, indicating that the cancellation was abrupt, although it certainly went out on a high note.


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