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Trivia / Yo La Tengo

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  • Creator Couple: Kaplan and Hubley.
  • No-Hit Wonder: they've never achieved any sort of commercial success, but to indie kids and the Pitchfork Media crowd, they're gods.
  • The Pete Best: Dave Schramm, the second guitarist who left after their first album (though he's occasionally appeared as a Special Guest since then, and even rejoined the band in 2015), as well as pretty much any of the different bassists they worked with before James McNew.
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  • Working Title: An Ira Kaplan interview revealed that their songs frequently start out as instrumentals, which James McNew then gives silly titles to for the sake of keeping track. When McNew started naming instrumental demos recorded for And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out after Troy McLure films, Kaplan unexpectedly decided to make one such title, "Let's Save Tony Orlando's House", a Permanent Placeholder and write lyrics revolving around that concept.