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  • Adored by the Network: The reason there were so many sequels is because the USA Network kept asking for more. The films garnered the network some of its highest (late night) ratings.
  • No Budget: The film's are extremely low budget with props that look like they were made by third graders. The stunts weren't any better such as in the sixth film where a "bus wreckage" is how Candy is able to escape imprisonment (à la The Fugitive). The wreckage was just the bus breaking down after lightly hitting a guard rail (via stock footage). Candy merely walks out of the bus afterwards.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • Jayne Hamil appeared in all the films as Miss Devonshire...except for part 3 where she was replaced by Jordana Capra.
    • Scott Layne played Petrolino in part 2 but was replaced by Michael Kayem in part 5.
    • Rocki Garner took over the role of ex-convict-turned-cop Samantha in part 4. The role was originally played by Darcy DeMoss in part 3. Word of God says that Darcy was actually a last minute replacement because the original actress dropped out. That would explain why Darcy (who went uncredited) was the most modestly dressed out of all the female leads in the series and why she was probably replaced by the more scantily clad Rocki in the sequel.
  • Recycled Set: The director uses many of the same locations throughout the films. For example, a theater room is used for an Earth Day presentation in part 3, a movie theater in part 4, and a strip club in part 6.
  • You Look Familiar:
    • Steve Mateo stars as Professor Kaufinger in part 3, Anvil in part 4 and Brock in Part 6.
    • Tamara Clatterbuck (aka Tammi Bakke) appears as Tinsel in part 1 and Sophisticatia in part 6.
    • Jeffrey Culver plays a liquor store owner in part 3 and a bank guard in part 6.
    • Honey Lauren plays Tiffany Berkowitz in parts 4 and 5 and Monique McClure in part 6.
    • Mark Richardson appears in all six films playing a different sleazy character each time.

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