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  • Old Shame: The Michael Cole era of the show isn't looked back upon that fondly by the two hosts.
  • Schedule Slip: While not as egregious as some other examples, there have been a few times where this has popped up.
  • The Wiki Rule:
  • Throw It In!: If some tangents, goofs, or the like are too funny, they'll be left in the recorded episode.
  • Troubled Production: A few episodes have gone through this.
    • The Double Team episode featured James forgetting to plug his mic in, and subsequently, Damien having to edit around that.
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    • Both of the clip shows have been noted as extremely demanding, to the point where Damien has stated that they're never going to do another one because of how long they took to edit.
    • The Wicker Man episode almost wasn't meant to be, due to the fact that files had become corrupted, and it took a lot of editing time for that episode to come around. Adding to that was the fact that there were a lot of dropped Skype calls and wonky audio.
    • The Fun in Balloon Land episode, sadly, will never be released, due to the file being eaten by Audacity and subsequently unrecoverable.
  • What Could Have Been: There have been several changes to the schedule of the podcast.
    • For starters, Bloodrayne 2 wasn't originally planned, nor was the original Bloodrayne.
    • The Legend of the Titanic was a surprise addition, with Titanic: The Legend Goes On being the original planned movie for episode 31.
    • During 2014, the hosts planned on doing My Bloody Valentine and Waterworld. However, neither movies were covered.
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    • This seems to be a trend with the Twilight episodes, with the episodes for New Moon and Eclipse having to be pushed back from when they were originally scheduled.
  • Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?: Damien is an aquaphobic and James is an acrophobic; they each reference both of their respective crippling fears numerous times on the show.

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