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  • Billing Displacement: Originally, "Find Out Who Your Friends Are" was a solo song. But when the album came out, radio caught wind of the alternate version with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney on it... and, ignoring the outmoded former 90s name who originated the song, played it due to the strength of the two guest artists. In addition, nearly all recurrent airplay is of the version with Tim and Kenny on it, so it's quite abundantly clear that Lawrence is not the reason the song stuck around.
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  • Chart Displacement: His only Top 40 hit on the Hot 100 is "Lessons Learned", which also got to #3 on the country charts. Either way, it was not as enduring as famous chart-toppers such as "Time Marches On" (his biggest hit overall), "Texas Tornado", or "Alibis" — the former two did not enter the Hot 100, while "Alibis" only got to #72.
  • Creator Killer: The domestic abuse case in 1997 pretty much ended his career, despite a couple later hits.
  • Production Posse: Nearly all of his albums have co-writes by Larry Boone, Kenny Beard, and/or Flip Anderson (his bandleader and sometimes producer).
  • Sleeper Hit: "Find Out Who Your Friends Are", which initially stalled at the bottom of the charts for nearly half a year before the remix with Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney bolstered interest in the song.
  • Troubled Production: Sticks and Stones was delayed from May to November 1991 after Lawrence was shot while protecting a friend from muggers.


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