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Trivia / The Oresteia

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  • Missing Episode: The Oresteia would originally have been performed with a 4th comic play, Proteus. It has not survived.
  • Spared by the Adaptation: In the version of the story told by Euripides, Artemis led Agamemnon to only think he killed Iphigenia. Instead, Iphigenia is taken to Tauris, where she serves Artemis as a priestess. As part of his atonement, Orestes is also tasked with stealing the statue of Artemis at Tauris and bringing it back to Athens. Orestes and his friend Pylades are captured when they arrive at Tauris, but Iphigenia recognizes him. Iphigenia helps Orestes and Pylades steal the statue, and then accompanies them back to Athens.


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