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Trivia / The Island of Dr. Moreau (1977)

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  • Deleted Scene: The original ending revealed Maria was actually one of the beastfolk, more specifically a feline, as when she and Andrew are being rescued at sea she was shown to have fangs and panther-like eyes. Stills of this ending still exist and the scenes hinting at her nature still persist in the final cut, but for some reason the ending shot of her reveal was cut. The comic book adaptation by Marvel and the novelization both preserved this twist.
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  • Never Work with Children or Animals: During the fight between the bullman and the tiger, the animal actually took the stuntman's head in his jaws. Luckily he was wearing a fiberglass helmet which protected him.
  • Recursive Adaptation: A novelization was released of this film adaptation of a novel.
  • What Could Have Been: David Carradine turned down the role of Andrew Braddock.