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Trivia / The Island of Doctor Moreau

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  • Science Marches On: Wells states that the changes to the animals are the result of various surgical techniques. Later adaptations of the same story state that genetic engineering is responsible for altering the animals.
  • Technology Marches On:
    • While most adaptions of the story uses genetic engineering for Moreau's creations, the original novel actually uses vivisection, since it predates the discovery of genetics and DNA. Hence the House of Pain location in the novel, as the surgeries Moreau performs on his unwilling experiments are both unnatural and incredibly painful for the subjects.
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    • While Wells' concept here clearly ranked things Up to Eleven, in his day some of this was probably expected to what the body modification perspective looked like. In later decades some became more accepted in more respected institutions, but this is again the reason someone like Moreau is working out of some hole in the wall island and not at a university.


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