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Trivia / Tattletail

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  • Development Gag: In earlier versions of the game, Tattletail's nose had a white rim. This was changed in a patch to a solid pink nose, but in the Kaleidoscope expansion, the alternate Tattletail has the white rimmed nose.
  • Fan Nickname: Some fans jokingly call this game "Five Nights At Furby's".
  • He Also Did: Co-creator (and voice of Mama) Geneva Hodgson as well as Baby Tattletail's VA Ryann Shannon are both storyboard artists on OK K.O.. Meanwhile co-creator Ben Esposito composed a song for one of the episodes Geneva boarded ("We've Got Fleas").
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  • What Could Have Been: Earlier in development, Mama Tattletail was going to have lines that implied that the Baby Tattletails were evil.


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