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  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • All of the Tattletails besides Mama. Are they helping the protagonist because they want to help him escape or for their own ends? Is the Bad Ending a message that the child is a loose end?
    • With the expansion there's a bit that could be applied to Mama. After watching the VHS behind your memory alteration, you must escape as Mama chases you. She will first tell you that you can't escape... then asks you not to leave her before saying that she loves you. Is it possible that Mama knows just horrible she is, but can't help herself being programmed to be 'protective' of the Tattletails?
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  • Awesome Music: What do you get when you combine Fandroid's lyrics and music, Caleb Hyles's voice, and The Living Tombstone's remixing? This trope.
  • Creepy Cute: Most players will agree that the main Tattletail is adorable despite being somewhat creepy. Notably, Sr. Pelo suffered from Cuteness Proximity upon seeing him for the first time!
  • Friendly Fandoms: As for the horror side, it's friendly with the Five Nights at Freddy's, Bendy and the Ink Machine, and Hello Neighbor fandoms.
  • Funny Moments: The party that Tattletail has you throw for Mama starts out with some normal stuff. Cupcakes, fancy lights, all his friends and candles! When you go get the candles, however, they have arranged the fancy lights into a summoning pentagram with no explanation.
    • Boring Tattletale's facts in the kaleidoscope expansion. Some of them are just straight up gutbusters.
      "Dinosaurs may look scary, but they are dead."
  • Heartwarming Moments: The Golden Ending. After helping the Tattletails banish Mama, you wake up on Christmas morning and open your present for real, and instead of being jumpscared and presumably killed by Mama, you find the purple Tattletail, who gives you his tag, prompting a message saying that "he must really like you!". Tattletail then gives you another present, a golden flashlight that never runs out of power. You are then instructed to wake up your mother. When you knock on the door, the screen goes white, and you hear Tattletail say "Thank you.". What a nice ending!
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  • They Copied It, So It Sucks!: Subverted. When it was first revealed, it was trashed for being a cheap Five Nights at Freddy's clone/rehash. However, after release, it proved to be a much different game, and received positive reviews and criticism.
  • That One Level: Christmas Eve: You have to find all 5 candles after Mama hides them, while also dealing with Mama herself. And finding even one candle in of itself is not easy. Also, it's dark, so you have to either light your flashlight, making noise and alerting Mama of your presence, or wander around slowly in the murk with a very reduced sight range.
  • Uncanny Valley: The Tattletail's human-like feet look rather wrong on his circular body.
  • The Woobie: No sane person would wish anyone would be stalked in their own home by a nigh-unstoppable Eldritch Abomination that's out for blood, let alone if the stalked one is a child around 8-10 years old that was just too impatient to wait until Christmas.


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