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Trivia / Sugar Ray

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  • Breakthrough Hit: "Fly," of course.
  • Chart Displacement: And yet because it didn't have a physical single back when Billboard required it, "Fly" never charted on the Hot 100. It's weird to see that one of the band's Top 40 songs is "Falls Apart", given it followed the Top 10 hits "Every Morning" and "Someday".
  • Development Hell: Maybe related to three members leaving the band, but nonetheless a seventh Sugar Ray album is currently sitting in limbo.
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  • Doing It for the Art: Mark McGrath admitted that he didn't think there was a huge demand for Sugar Ray to put out a new record in 2009, but they went through with it anyway because they missed making new music together.
  • One-Hit Wonder: "Fly" is this, but not for the band itself, but rather, it's featured artist Super Cat.