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Trivia / Stealth Symphony

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  • Cut Short: Due to its lack of popularity in its host magazine, the series was axed in favour of Illegal Rare. As a result, Stealth's plot rushed to a climax at Chapter 16, and concludes after merely 4 chapters. Plot threads regarding the dragons, assassins, cyborgs, various other races, Jinboncho politics and the workings of the universe in general — which was briefly alluded throughout the series was never truly explored by the time the manga ended.
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  • What Could Have Been: Though many of the color pages (such as the one displayed on the main page) feature a gigantic cast of interesting looking characters, most of them never get anything more than, at best, a quick cameo in the story. Given the author's track record, it's safe to assume that he intended for the story to have a lot more world building and character development than what we were given.
  • Wrap It Up: The fate of most Shonen Jump series that receive sub-par ratings, and the reason most of this series' mythology never received adequate development.

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