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  • Audience-Alienating Premise: Two of the reasons why Stealth Symphony had a hard time finding an audience is because of the premise starts off pretty strangely by Jump standards and Narita's fascination with amoral but charismatic killers and the manga's over-the-top violence, which sometimes clashes with the tone of Shonen Jump.
  • Complete Monster: Waybis/Wavis is the mermaid owner of the Human Sacrifice Procurement Company (Stork), which kidnaps children and adults for experimentation. After escaping from a pharmaceutical company in the past, Waybis killed all of her species and sold half of them to said pharmaceutical company. It was revealed that she disguised herself as one of the slaves in order to see the despair of other people. After her true nature was revealed, she then killed one of her subordinates, planning to kill all of the slaves and the mercenaries that she hired because the latter refused to kill other mercenaries. Seemingly defeated, Waybis then took one of the slaves as a hostage to prevent the mercenaries from attacking her.
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  • Cult Classic: Despite the fact that the manga was axed and faded into obscurity, there are some readers who enjoyed it to the point it was called one of the most underrated manga by Jump. This was because the manga is filled with interesting characters and plot twists and also the great art by Narita himself.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Waybis is a beautiful mermaid who only wears a bra as her clothing. However, she is also revealed to be the leader of a human trafficking ring and is an ultra sadistic person to boot, as she loves to see other people suffer after giving them hope.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: The manga cover has an enormous number of cast members and has the potential to develop into something better. However, due to the manga being axed by Shonen Jump after Chapter 20, they are just a quick cameo at best.
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  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Combined with What Could Have Been and They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character. The manga features a gigantic cast of interesting looking characters and the author could have made some fascinating story arcs based on their perspectives given Narita's track record with his previous works, Durarara!! and Baccano!. Not only that, due to the number of cast members, the author could have expanded the setting even further, despite the setting itself only taking place in the city of Jinbocho. It also has an interesting open ending that could have been used to expand the territory of Narita's storytelling even more. However, due to the low ratings in Weekly Shonen Jump rankings, the manga got axed pretty quickly. Stealth Symphony never uses its potential to the fullest and never saw the success unlike Narita's previous two works.
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  • The Woobie: After the story hits Chapter 16, Jig is essentially this. In the past, Jig's family was killed by some bullies who burned down Jig's house out of pettiness. As a result, Jig ends up going berserk and turns himself into a dragon while brutally murdering the people who killed his family. As a result of the incident, Jin goes insane and lives in a state of complete denial. However, a mysterious woman tries to help him, until it is revealed that Jig got backstabbed by said woman. She hired a mercenary to kill Jig to obtain the treasure that Jig had in the earlier chapters. It doesn't help that the mercenary that the woman hired and one of the woman's subordinates in later chapters either taunt him or beat him up, which results in him going insane and meeting his own death by getting beheaded by the mercenary that Jig hired

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