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Trivia / Sid Meierís Alpha Centauri

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  • Fake Nationality: Impressively averted for the most part, contributing to the realism and immersion. Firaxis specifically sought out voice actors who were natives of the regions their characters are from. However, there is one example of playing this straight in the vanilla game: Morgan is identified as Namibian but is voiced by the African-American Regi Davis, born and raised in Baltimore.
  • Science Marches On: Being rooted in hard science while also trying to extrapolate future scientific developments meant that this was inevitable.
    • In the game, there are no planets orbiting Alpha Centauri B. In Real Life, a planet was discovered in a (very) close orbit around Alpha Centauri B in late 2012.
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    • Furthermore, the Human Genome Project has long since been completed. And it was hardly 'secret.'
    • On a related note, supercolliders (such as the LHC in Europe) have been around for decades. Hardly anything groundbreaking about the concept, let alone anything major enough to refer to one such device as "The" supercollider.
  • Unintentional Period Piece: It may be a Science Fiction game about space colonization set in the 22nd century and beyond, but between Science Marches On (see above) and all the factions in the base game being based on some flavor of Clinton-era American politics (see The War on Straw on the YMMV page), it's very much the future by way of The '90s. Even in the expansion, Alien Crossfire, where the factions were more esoteric, the Data Angels have a distinctly '90s Post-Cyberpunk feel to them, with their radically democratic/anarchist hacker society and fervent belief that Information Wants to Be Free.

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