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  • The randomness of the factions' personalities are well-documented with lots of egregious examples.
  • The Longevity Vaccine movie features what appears to be a TV show that is a cross between the game and South Park, with a Morgan caricature chasing a Lal caricature away.
    "Morgan": Hey! Get off my land, you peacekeeping sonofa—(channel change)
  • "Please don't go. The Drones need you...they look up to you..."
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  • The Sound Off example on the main page can be heard when you build a Network Node at one of your bases.
    "I don't know but I been told! (I don't know but I been told!)
    Deirdre's got a Network Node! (Deirdre's got a Network Node!)
    Likes to press on the on-off switch! (Likes to press on the on-off switch!)
    Dig that crazy Gaian witch! (Dig that crazy Gaian witch!)
  • A faction, who manages to get kicked out of the game within the first ten rounds, because they went exploring and left their single base unguarded and exposed to a nearby Mind Worm. Happens rarely, but it happens. Funny and practical, as one less opponent makes the game much easier. Especially when it's Cha Dawn getting wiped out by Mind Worms.
  • In the Alien Crossfire expansion, it's possible to assign the same faction to multiple players, with hilarious results when the identical factions interact.
    Other Faction's Svensgaard: Then I, Captain Svensgaard-2 of the Pirates-2 greet you formally as Pact Brother! Together we shall both exploit the riches of the sea and exploit the riches of the sea. May our plans and forces converge to victory!
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  • Sometimes, faction leaders (especially the ones who are neither particularly peaceful nor particularly aggressive) have trouble making up their minds about whether they want a Pact of Brotherhood or not. It can be amusing when Zakharov declares he's had enough of your ecological ramblings/paranoid delusions/pacifistic whining/whatever else your faction leans towards and breaks his pact with you, but is perfectly happy to remake it with no strings attached the very next turn.
  • "Randomize Faction Leader Social Agendas", which replaces each faction's preferred form of social engineering with a random one. Sometimes the results are surprisingly reasonable, such as the Morganites valuing Wealth, but you also get odd cases like the militaristic Spartans wanting you to run a Democracy or the normally anti-scientific Believers demanding that you pursue Knowledge.
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  • Turning down a request from a human (usually for a loan or tech) when you're playing as one of the Progenitor factions will occasionally be phrased as "Human idiom: liar liar pants on fire." There's something distinctly amusing about the powerful, aloof aliens having the tact of an elementary school child.
  • In general, playing as an alien faction gives great potential for snark, whether accusing the humans of "flapping their mandibles" or describing their followers as "succulent."
    • "Your resemblance to bloodsucker: great."
    • "Information: classified. Emotion: mock sorrow."
    • "Suggestion: human idiom: don't even think about it."


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