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  • Dueling Games: With Akuji The Heartless (made by the same developers as Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver), as both are action-adventure games featuring a protagonist who uses voodoo powers that came out within one year of one another. Shadow Man is by far the most well known thanks to being ported to multiple platforms, still having a modern means of availability (unlike Akuji), and receiving a sequel. However it's worth noting that Akuji was exclusive to the PS1, and Shadow Man's PS1 port is regarded as the worst version of the game, so at the very least Akuji provided PS1 gamers with a good alternative.
  • Executive Meddling: Post-release, one can sum up why this game and the other Valiant-based Acclaim games haven't been released on the download networks, despite years of promise that they would be- Jim Shooter. Shooter started Valiant Entertainment, bought back the rights to the old Valiant properties and rebooted them his way, and in the process the Acclaim versions of the characters have been all but buried.
    • One has to wonder if Shooter forgot that it was Acclaim who gave him his chance with these characters again with Unity 2000, after the Valiant shareholders booted him out of his company.
    • The PC version is now available on Steam as of November 2013.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Squeaky-Toy of Doom for a particularly unnerving sound effect in the Asylum.
    • Mama Hottie - Mama Nettie.
    • Gingivitis - Legion. Remember to floss regularly!
    • Sweet Zombie Jesus - Michael.
    • Skeletonne - The fat zombies in Deadside.
    • Meat Beater - Asylum Butcher.
    • Tim The Toolman Taylor - Avery Marx.
    • Disco Stu - Marco Cruz.
    • Captain Flashback - Milton Pike.
    • Dr. Lecter - Dr. Batrachian.
  • The Other Darrin: Mama Nettie's VA got replaced in the sequel.
  • What Could Have Been: The Engine Block was evidently intended to be larger, as it contains multiple locked doors that can never be opened. There is also one out of place empty doorway in the same level, that only has a wall behind it.

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