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  • Defictionalization: There is actually a real Visual Kei band named Λucifer.
  • Executive Meddling: There was a rather ugly fight between Mayu Shinjo and the Shogakukan people, as according to her they did NOT inform her that they were making an anime and a movie. It was apparently a corollary to the abuse that Shinjo received from them, which led her to go freelance.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: As the anime series was released in VHS-only and was reportedly broadcasted twicenote , there's no legal way to watch this anime unless you look for the VHS or to watch the only fansubbed version that's available on the Internet albeit with mediocre video quality.
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  • Promoted Fangirl: Aine, though she didn't start as an Λucifer fangirl.


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