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Characters from Sensual Phrase.

Aine Yukimura

Voiced by: Atsuko Enomoto (TV series), Houko Kuwashima (Drama CD)
  • Rape as Drama: In the manga, she's raped by a high-ranked executive who had a beef against Sakuya. Poor girl nearly splinters mentally after that.

Sakuya Ookuchi

Voiced by: Masaya Matsukaze (TV series), Takehito Koyasu (Drama CD)

  • Bare Your Midriff: Everyone goes through it, but Sakuya gets more points since he actually wears this from the beginning.
  • Bastard Boyfriend: Moreso in the manga, but in the anime he has his moments too. He's a Type 2: "Troubled, but Cute dude with a Dark and Troubled Past and an even worse current attitude".
  • Broken Ace: He excels at anything he puts his mind into, whether it's music, acting, business, sports or modelling. At the same time, he is seriously screwed up.
  • But Not Too Foreign: Half-American. The only traits that reveal his American ancestry are his blue eyes and large frame.
  • Child by Rape: Ralph's father raped Sakuya's mother, then Sakuya was born from it.
  • Compensated Dating: Did that ever since he was in his late teens. The manga takes it further, making him a straightforward High Class Call Boy. This is how he met Ayako Sakura, actually.
  • Financial Abuse: Was adopted and raised by Reiko's manager after her death, but mostly because said manager saw that Sakuya had inherited his mother's musical talents and wanted to use the kid to Work Off the Debt that Reiko left before dying.
  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold: Despite his attitude, you have to admit that he can, and become one, showing how caring and loving he can be to those close to him, especially Aine.


Reiko Ookuchi

Voiced by: Chiyoko Kawashima (TV series)

  • Missing Mom: Died when her child Sakuya was as much 12 years old.
  • Parental Neglect: Heavily neglected Sakuya when drunk. Which was, like, half the time. (The other half, Reiko cheerfully played her piano and taught Sakuya to sing and play.)

Yoshihiko "Santa" Nagai

Voiced by: Takahiro Sakurai (TV series), Mitsuo Iwata (CD drama)

  • Flat Character: He never really got a plotline for himself and all. He does get a little more development in the anime, which shows why he and Yuki let their former band.

Kazuto "Towa" Sakuma

Voiced by: Susumu Chiba (TV series), Shin-ichiro Miki (CD drama)

  • Bishōnen: He's beautiful and becomes a world-class model.
  • Raised as the Opposite Gender: Implied in other materials. The Sakumas had already several boys and were desperate for a little girl, so they dressed up their youngest son as a girl.

Atsuro Kiryuu

Voiced by: Kenichi Suzumura (TV series), Hikaru Midorikawa (CD drama)


  • I'm Not Pretty: She thinks she's not as beautiful as other women, despite being quite lovely in both looks and personality.

Riri Kinoshita

Ayako Sakura

Voiced by: Misa Watanabe

  • First Love: Sakuya's. And she's still carrying a torch for him five years later.


Voiced by: Rio Natsuki

Shion Ookuchi

  • But Not Too Foreign: Is one-quarter American through his father Sakuya, who is Half-American. Like his father, he too has blue eyes.
  • Caring Gardener: Is first shown trying to keep some flowers in the garden from withering.
  • Cheerful Child: His childhood is much happier than his father's childhood was.
  • Precocious Crush: Has one for his kindergarten teacher Miss Jennifer.
  • Third-Person Person: Keeps referring to himself by his name because of his young age.


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