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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Few episodes are known to exist, plus this audio recording of an intro. While Pilot #3 has circulated since at least 1994, the Finale surfaced on audio tape in January 2011 and June 27 surfaced on video in April 2012. Another episode, from May 31, surfaced in September 2016.
    • The surfacing of the June 27 show in particular was a really notable moment, as it confirmed many of the fans' 35-year-old memories of the show. It also gave another Moment of Awesome to the uploader, who'd been getting quite a few of those already.
  • No Budget: Compared to Pilot #3 and earlier in the run, by May 31 the Bonus Board became...rather cheap.
    • Round 1: $250, $275, $300, $450, $475, $500, $650, $750, and $1000.
    • Round 2: $500, $575, $725, $800, $900, $950, $1000, $1200, $1500, and...
    • Top dollar for Round 2, formerly FREE 5000 SPIN, was changed to look very different from the rest of the board. Most notably, the printed dollar value changed to an Eggcrate display shuffling between $1000 and $5000 in a pattern of "1-2-1-4-3-2-1-5-3-2-1-2-5-1-3-4" - five $1000, four $2000, three $3000, and two each of $4000 and $5000. In other words, [4] was generally worth far less than it had been.
      • One fan around the late 1990s, Charles Blaquiere, recalled the sequence as "1-2-1-4-3-2-1-5-3-2-1" - the first 11 digits of the actual 16-digit pattern. note 
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  • What Could Have Been: The slate for Pilot #3 gives a pretty good idea (each line was a separate graphic, coming between the slate and the fadeout to black)...
    There was a FIRST CHANCE.
    And then a SECOND CHANCE.
    Now this is our LAST CHANCE.
    Joe Seiter (while the last graphic is onscreen): (laughs a bit) Yes, our last chance.


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