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Trivia / Second Apocalypse

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  • Fandom Nod: One question on a fan forum had been "Why have sorcerers never been utilized for public works projects or construction?" A throwaway moment in The White-Luck Warrior has Achamian musing on how the Schools would never belittle themselves by doing manual labor meant for slaves. To whit, that to do the work of slaves is to make oneself a slave. A direct nod to this question.
  • Fan Nickname: A few characters.
    • Anasûrimbor Moënghus is usually referred to as "Moënghus the Elder" to distinguish between him and Kellhus's adopted son. Sometimes more playfully, Big Moe.
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    • Anasûrimbor Moënghus II is usually referred to as "Moënghus the Younger" to distinguish between him and Kellhus's father. Sometimes more playfully, Lil' Moe.
    • Shaeönanra, the Grandvizier of the Mangaecca is usually shortened to just "Shae" in fan parlance.
    • Aurang and Aurax are sometimes jointly referred to as the "Inchie Bros." A dark parody of Mario Bros.
    • Kellhus' unnamed grandson is called "Crabicus" by some fans.
  • Lying Creator: In a way. Bakker had said in a few interviews that Cnaiür's story was concluded at the end of The Prince of Nothing trilogy. This lead many to assume that this confirmed his death. Come The Great Ordeal, it's revealed that Bakker wasn't telling the whole truth.
  • The Shelf of Movie Languishment: The Unholy Consult languished for several years due to publisher entanglements, then eventually got split into two separate volumes: The Great Ordeal and The Unholy Consult.
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  • What Could Have Been: Bakker has discussed how in the treatment of the original trilogy he had decided that Kellhus wasn't going to have a POV, that he as a character would only be experienced through the perspective of other characters. It became clear to him that this wasn't going to work and significant rewrites had to be made to make way for Kellhus's POV.


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