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  • George Lucas Altered Version / Retcon: The fic has been tinkered with every now and then, usually to make things fit in with the current continuity. For example, a chapter that appeared in the Reboot at first, was later added to Part 1. The author had already said he would do that, and he made good on his promise. Other Retcon examples include:
    • Sean being turned from a Marine into a regular civilian.
    • The addition of the Miyazawa internship as a cover to get the Rangers to come to Tokyo in the first place.
    • Kevin's original name, "Sheamus O'Callahan", and acting as Sean's cousin. This is later dropped, with that name and relation going to Jimmy.
    • Hitomi was 20 when the story was first published. Now she's 18/19.
    • Minor example: Sean was listed as being from the Chicago suburb of Naperville, as well as the South Side. He was later changed to be from the Lincoln Park neighborhood as his second home. References to the University of Illinois at Chicago were changed to Northern Illinois University (because they have a club hockey team and UIC doesn't).
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    • The Zordonians were at first given no motive for wanting to conquer Earth. They later got a reverse-Ancient Astronauts backstory and a desire to "reconquer" the planet.
    • At one point, Kevin was around the same age as everyone else. He was later aged-up to his mid-20s.
  • Write What You Know: In SIU, very much. The author is an SIU alum and goes into great detail about the campus and town, as he himself would have memorized the campus layout.

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