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The TV series:

  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The master tapes are either missing, or were erased. About 10 episodes are known to circulate.
  • Money, Dear Boy: Alex Trebek's main motivation for hosting. He had just gone through a bitter divorce alongside the death of his father, and he leapt over several legal hurdles in his native Canada to get the job. In the end, only the first of his two paychecks cleared due to Catalena going bankrupt mid-production.
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  • Old Shame: Trebek thought of the show as one of these, since this was the only time he was ever stiffed by a production company... and in his home country at that! Though, Trebek at least acknowledged it whenever a contestant on Jeopardy! brought it up, and he kept the bounced check for $49,000 from Catalena framed on a wall in his office.
  • Troubled Production: Many contestants were never paid, either.
  • What Could Have Been: Per a trade ad, the series was originally pitched for a fall 1979 launch with John Barton (who instead ended up announcing when Pitfall went into production two years later) as host, and was going to use celebrities (with Marty Allen and Nipsey Russell among the stars who participated), but was ultimately shelved for another two years after one of the celebrities got his fingers crushed by grabbing onto the cage above one of the elevators during the bonus round and threatened a lawsuit.

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