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The TV Series

  • What an Idiot!: Several.
    • Rosemary, who completely bombed the Pitfall Round in the worst way possible, not even making it to the second zone after being trapped in the first pit for most of her time. However, she did do a little better on her second attempt.
    • A lot of the show's contestants proved to be rather dimwitted, including one who thought a baseball game had four quarters.
    • The show had a rule regarding Pit Passes — if you had a Pass for a particular zone, you still had to hand it to Alex in order to skip over that part of the bridge. Plenty of contestants fell into a Pitfall despite having a pass for that zone because they forgot to give it to Trebek, a point that he liked to rub into the players' faces afterward. This changed when they changed the rules in which Alex directly asked for the Pitpasses at the appropriate moments.

The Video Game

  • Fridge Logic: Who lit those campfires in the original game?
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The end of the Mayan Adventure, where Pitfall Harry Sr appears in Atari graphics. He's not the only missing father named Harry to make an ending cameo with retro graphics.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The 1994 platformer Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure is filled to the brim with this trope. From the nasty jaguars and the life status that shows a crocodile slowly approaching to eat you up to the fact that killed animals become skulls, it will haunt you for years. And that's before you fight against a Mayan stone god as the final boss...


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