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  • Banned In Australia: Almost. The Family First Party, a particularly meddling group of Moral Guardians with funding, attempted to have the film banned on the basis that it could be seen as an instructional guide to sexual predators. The OFLC (the censors) promptly told the Family First party to piss off as the film had more than enough artistic merit to it, and soon after placed restrictions on the number of films they were allowed to submit for review. (The same party had tried to have Irréversible banned two years previous.)
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  • Never Trust a Trailer: Trailers for the film omitted all references to child molestation, homosexuality and swearing so they could be shown on TV. Because of this, they had to place emphasis on the Alien Abduction aspect, making it look like a family-friendly sci-fi film with some dramatic scenes. Though acclaimed by those prepared for its content, those who only saw the trailers were surprised when they viewed the film for themselves.

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