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Trivia / Monster Hunter (2004)

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  • No Export for You: Monster Hunter G didn't see an international release due to the low success of the original game in the West.
  • Remade for the Export: Monster Hunter Freedom features all elements that originally debuted in the Japan-exclusive Monster Hunter G, namely G Rank quests, all of the subspecies, and some quality-of-life improvements. And unlike G, it was brought overseas.
  • What Could Have Been: Many things were changed from the first versions to the final product.
    • The teaser trailer depicts a different type of communication in-game, with Speech Bubbles popping up to indicate emotions mid-hunt, such as unease.
    • The layout of the maps was different as well, with the Forest and Hills having a notably extensive prairie filled with rocky structures, Rathalos was also able to access what appears to be Area 6.
    • Blood splatters would be left on the ground after damaging monsters or killing them.
    • Originally one of the bosses of the game would've been the Crypt Hydra, a two-headed mummy snake fought inside of a pyramid cave. However fan backlash due to it being perceived as too fantastic and out there even for the series resulted in its getting removed. It later served as the inspiration for Nakarkos in Generations.
    • On top of being the very first monster made, Rathian was originally intended to be the flagship monster. However, the role was later given to Rathalos because the creators didn't want the flagship monster to be dependent on status ailments. Rathian still appears on the logo of the game as a nod to its original role, and this would start the tradition of the logo of each new mainline game having wyvern heads equal to the number of its generation.