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  • Big Name Fan:
    • Dave Formula has become something of a BNF from within the band, as his solo work lead to their reformation.
    • Magazine also count a number of big names within the music industry as significant fans, including Radiohead and Morrissey, both of whom have covered Magazine songs in live concerts.
    • Devoto has also proved capable of surprising fandom himself, having been known to dedicate live performances of "Hello Mr. Curtis (with apologies)" to Terry Pratchett for his campaigning on the subject of euthanasia.
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    • The Manic Street Preachers are also noted fans of the band, with their third album The Holy Bible drawing massively from post-punk bands in general, the Magazine influence being the most detectable.
  • Similarly Named Works: The Live Album Play has no connection to the Moby album of the same name.


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