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Trivia / Love and Rockets

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The "Palomar" stories contain examples of:

  • Defictionalization: Played with. Although Pipo's B-movies Chance in Hell, The Troublemakers, Love from the Shadows and Maria M, all starring Fritz, aren't movies in Real Life, Gilbert has issued them as standalone graphic novels.

The "Locas" stories contain examples of:

  • Flip-Flop of God: Jaime went back and forth about whether the "God and Science" arc was revealing that the superhero and SF elements of the early "Maggie the Mechanic" stories still existed, but had been downplayed in the intervening stories, or whether the arc was set in a superheroic alternate universe. He finally settled on the latter.
  • Writer Revolt: Jaime can get pretty irate with fans who demand to know when Maggie will get slim again.

The band provides examples of:

  • Black Sheep Hit: "So Alive" was the band's biggest hit and featured a dancey, funk-like sound that stood out from the rest of the rock sound on Love and Rockets. It eventually paved the way for the sounds to Hot Trip to Heaven and Lift.
  • Breakup Breakout: The band had more commercial success than Bauhaus before it.
  • Troubled Production: A fire broke out in the studio during recording for Sweet F.A.. The band were unharmed, but visiting friend Genesis P. Orridge was injured, and their gear and months of work on the album was lost.
  • Two-Hit Wonder: They had a modest hit in the US with "No New Tale to Tell," then a smash hit with "So Alive."