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  • What Could Have Been:
    • The '97 movie was originally intended to be the third movie for the Conan the Barbarian movies, which were supposed to be about Kull anyway.
    • The unfinished fragment that came to be called "Riders Beyond the Sunrise" ends with Kull and some of his warriors, in pursuit of a man who has defied the law and insulted him, reaching a river. There is a ferryman who says, "Here is the end of the world; beyond is magic and the unknown. Here is the boundary of the world; there begins the realm of horror and mysticism. This is the river Stagus and I am Karon the Ferryman." It is explicitly stated that this would go down through the centuries to become the myth of the river Styx and Charon the ferryman. The ferryman takes Kull and his men across, and the story stops there. David Drake called this story "the only fragment I've read that made me really wish that Howard had completed it himself."


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