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Trivia / Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

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  • Easter Egg: As units gain experience, they gain stat bonuses and a unique name. A possible name on the Gaalsien list is Rus'kay, as in Paul Ruskay, the composer for the series' music.
  • What Could Have Been: An unusual case. Deserts of Kharak was originally Hardware: Shipbreakers, a free-to-play multi-platform MMORTS centered on crews of mercenary "shipbreakers" salvaging shipwrecks and artifacts hidden all over a mostly-desert planet, where each player controlled a single fleet's operations. With a crew of former Homeworld developers at the helm, the inspiration was clear... but it'd never gain the Homeworld title, as that belonged to THQ, and they had little interest in the RTS market. Then THQ closed down. Gearbox proceeded to snap up the Homeworld property, got in touch with Blackbird Interactive, and so Shipbreakers became Deserts of Kharak.