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Awesome / Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak

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  • Anytime you felled a Carrier, really. Seeing those behemoths go down in explosions and flames is quite a sight.
  • One has to give credit for Kiith Gaalsien, who managed to create an entire civilization despite being isolated and living in harsh desert climates for decades. And that's not counting the artifacts that they've found...
  • Any mission where you work in tandem with the Sakala is fast-paced and makes you feel like you're all part of one big, well-oiled military machine. Of course, this makes the Sakala's betrayal all the more infuriating.
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  • The sudden demise of carrier K'Had Sajuuk, courtesy of Jacob S'Jet taking hold of a Taiidan Kill Sat. Too bad he didn't think about his own survival...
  • The Kapisi receives a demand from an enemy carrier to surrender, the Captain responds thusly:
    Close this channel until further notice, the only sound I want to hear ... is her hull exploding.

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