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Trivia / His Name Is Alive

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  • The Pete Best: Angie Carozzo, the band's very first vocalist. She left part of the way through the recording of Livonia and was replaced by Karin Oliver, but she sings lead vocals on "How Ghosts Affect Relationships".
  • Screwed by the Network: They were unceremoniously dropped by 4AD after Last Night didn't sell as well as they'd hoped. This forced the band into hiatus for 4 years.
  • Special Guest: Stars on E.S.P features some additional songwriting from none other than Mark Kozelek.
  • Trolling Creator: Warren Defever delights in lying in interviews about the meanings of the band's songs. He apparently does it mostly to troll snobby music journalists, as stated in this interview.
    "Usually what happens is you go to a place like Los Angeles, and there's a really smug, super intelligent dj or journalist who thinks that not only do they know everything about music, they themselves helped notate it. You can't tell them the truth. You're doing the world a great disservice to tell them the truth."