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Trivia / Geostorm

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  • Actor Allusion: At one point, Jake mentions that he and his brother were born in the UK, likely a nod to the fact that they're both played by British actors.
  • Box Office Bomb: Geostorm cost an estimated $120-140M to make and had to gross between $300M and $350M to become profitable, but only raked in a horrendously meager $13.3M during its domestic opening weekend. Its worldwide gross is sitting at slightly above $200M. The most likely contributors to its abysmal failure are its epically Troubled Production (see below), as well as the fact that a natural disaster movie tends to fight an uphill battle by default when it's released in the wake of a whole chain of Real Life natural disasters (namely, a series of powerful hurricanes that devastated considerable parts of the US and the Caribbean just weeks prior).
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  • Troubled Production: The film was shot in 2014, but the studio was so horrified at what Dean Devlin turned in that they spent three years desperately trying to turn it into something releasable in the editing room. By the time reshoots (under a whole different team) happened, roles were recast or downright added.


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