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Fridge Brillance

  • At first, the replacement satellites having space for a human in them doesn't really make sense, but when you consider just how prepared the designers were, it kinda makes sense. They must have considered the possibility that someone would get trapped on the station, so they made emergency escape pods that would be easy to access.

Fridge Horror

  • How did they clean up the mess left by their plan to stop the Geostorm, which involved using the replacement sats to destroy the already malfunctioning satellites? If you don't know why this is so bad; remember the movie Gravity?
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  • What will happen when Dekkom's treachery becomes known to the rest of the world? Some of the other countries might hold America responsible for the disasters. And imagine what all the conspiracy blogs and forums would do with this news. The events may have ended up causing a lot of damage in US international relations with the rest of the world.
  • Simply starting with the controlled collision where the good guys smash a "replacement" satellite against a hacked one that was deep-freezing Rio, but cemented beyond any possible doubt with the ISS's self destruction, all happening at the same altitude as the massive Dyson sphere of satellites, Earth is now facing a Kessler Syndrome it will likely never escape from.

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