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Trivia / Genghis Blues

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  • Colbert Bump: The film boosted the international visibility of Tuvan throat-singing, and also gave new momentum to Paul Pena's career. One result was Pena's 1973 album New Train (featuring the original "Jet Airliner"), which got consigned to The Shelf of Album Languishment following a dispute between his manager and his record label, finally getting released in 2000.
  • He Also Did: Did you see the name "Christopher Nolan" listed in the credits for "editorial assistance"? That is indeed the Christopher Nolan, who's a longtime friend of and occasional collaborator with this film's director Roko Belic.
  • Troubled Production: Besides the tricky logistics of shooting in a remote area like Tuva (including things like obtaining visas), the Belic brothers were so cash-strapped they shot the whole movie on Sony Hi8 camcorders, then had to spend almost three years in post-production because they could only afford off-hour rates at the editing facility they were using.