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For the film:

  • California Doubling: Vienna stands in for Moscow, for obvious reasons. Hilariously combined with Television Geography - Clint Eastwood enters subway line U1 at Karlsplatz, but gets off at Schönbrunn, a U4 station.
    • Gant's ranch in "Alaska" is really Clint Eastwood's ranch in California (Mt. Shasta can clearly be seen in one shot).
    • Pretty obvious at times, at the train station you can see signs in the background in Latin script rather than Cyrillic.
  • Fake Russian: Loads and loads of Fake Russian.
  • Retroactive Recognition: A number of well-known actors were in the film.
  • Shout-Out:In Clint Eastwood's gun-slinger movies, his character would usually wear a dark or black hat, as opposed to his opponent, who would wear a light or white hat. In this movie, Gant wears a black helmet, and Voskov wears a white helmet.
  • Stock Sound Effects: The engines of the Firefox are really that of the Bell Jet Ranger helicopter.

For the video game:

  • Troubled Production: Atari's Firefox was plagued with problems from start to finish. The success of Dragon's Lair prompted management to demand the game be ready in a few months, so it could appear at the October 1983 AMOA show in New Orleans. Experienced designers and engineers balked at the schedule; the role of project engineer fell on a new hire who had claimed to be a programmer, hardware engineer, and systems developer, yet who had never designed an arcade game before. The game used three boards designed by different groups, and a laserdisc player that had never been tested in an arcade environment. The incomplete game was rushed to the AMOA show in Nolan Bushnell's private jet, but despite the assurances of the project engineer, remained a dormant shell for the entire show. The project engineer quit afterward; Jed Margolin was cajoled into the project, working 12-hour shifts for three weeks straight to resolve numerous engineering issues, including a new raster monitor that tended to explode when it did not receive a sync signal. The final insult came after the game was released; its high price and declining demand for laserdisc games resulted in Firefox being a flop right out of the gate.


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